conceptZ. Making impossible possible.

Image Credit: Project: Tru Blu Social Club, West Fargo, ND

ConceptZ Woodscapes and VintageAcoustics were designed to create unique commercial spaces. It’s an integral component in the effort of noise reduction of the environment, while creating complete design flexibility in choices of colors, patterns and look.

ConceptZ Woodscapes and VintageAcoustics are made out of post-recyclable materials, which is a way to have a lesser impact on the environment of the building. It also reduces the noise to make your space welcoming and comfortable. ConceptZ Woodscapes/VintageAcoustics has a fast turnaround, is energy efficient with production and has surprising affordability with a classic wood look and metal. Designed to be your favorite ceilings!



Tin/Metal Look (Stone Wool)

P6-Bronze-with-Copper Accent Drop Acoustical CeilingVintageAcoustic is tin metal look ceiling tiles for restaurants, lobbies, barsVintageAcoustic is tin metal look ceiling tiles for restaurants, lobbies, bars
P6 Traditional
P3 Pewter Grey
P3 Golden Leaf
Vintage Acoustic Rustic Barn look of tin metalDrop custom design acoustical ceilings. Vintage or Modern LookTin look Acoustical drop ceiling tiles
Rustic Barn
 Cor-10 AcousticsP3 Provincial
VintageAcoustics Drop acoustical decorative ceiling tiles
P5 Metal GunP3 Mild Black

Wood Look (Mineral Fiber)

Driftwood Pattern Wood look drop acoustical ceilingsWood look Medium Cherry pattern, classic style and acoustical
Driftwood PlanksWhitewashed PlanksMedium Cherry
Wood look acoustical walnut finish ceiling tiles