frameworks acoustical coffer’s triple-step interior edge detail enhances the illusion of depth while the mineral fiber material adds sound absorbing qualities to this Designer Ceiling. frameworks open cell coffers are highly versatile; the insert panel above may be a complimentary acoustical panel, a decorative texture or color, or an acrylic lens for a luminous ceiling. With matching solid border panels for simple installation, frameworks’ options allow for infinite ceiling variations.
Square Coffer + Insert
Circle Coffer + InsertF-22 (2’x2′) and F-24 (2’x4′)
Cresent Bronze Metallic Paint
Insert and Coffer
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to order grid in full carton quantities?
A: No. That is one of many advantages of the ColorOptions™ program. Customers can order and request the exact amount of grid needed for the project. It’s always a good idea to order extra pieces to cover any incidental job site damage and to allow for attic stock when desired.
Q: Can I get custom colors other than Sherwin-Williams? For example, can I get Benjamin-Moore or RAL colors?
A: Yes. Virtually any flat color can be obtained through the ColorOptions™ program if the source color can be identified (e.g., RAL information, leading manufacturer’s color # and name, etc.) and/or sample supplied to Interior Systems International for color matching.
Q: Why do I need to request a quote for each project, couldn’t there be a “standard upcharge” for colors?
A: ColorOptions™ ceilings and grid are produced on a made-to-order basis, therefore subject to setup and freight costs that must be factored into pricing, particularly for smaller orders that are often the norm for specialty color ceilings. Additionally, the wide range of color and surface texture combinations affect manufacturing costs and subsequent pricing.
Q: What is the warranty for products painted in the ColorOptions™ program?
A: For USG ceiling tile and grid products post-painted by Interior Systems International, Inc. (ISI) under the ColorOptions™ program, ISI assumes the terms, conditions, limitations, and installation requirements of the original USG Limited Warranty Commercial Applications for the base USG product(s).
Q: How is sound absorption affected with ColorOptions™ painting?
A: The ceiling products painted in the ColorOptions™ program are processed in a controlled factory environment where paint application is precisely calibrated for consistency in visual appearance and to minimize losses in sound absorption. While it would be impractical to test every possible combination of paint color and base ceiling type, third party independent testing was conducted for sound absorption. While there is no guarantee of “zero loss” in sound absorption across every possible combination of color and base tile, should losses occur they would be expected to be negligible.
Q: My project is on a tight time schedule, can I have the grid shipped in advance of the tile?
A: Yes, often times custom color grid finishing can be completed sooner than tile. Upon request, ISI would be glad to provide lead-time and freight cost quotes for “split shipments”.
Q: How are ColorOptions™ products packaged and shipped?
A: ColorOptions™ products are premium, value-added products and are packaged for maximum protection and to reflect an “upgrade” image on the job site. ColorOptions™ panels are shipped in attractive 6-sided cartons with foam slip sheets inserted between each tile (stacked face-to-face) to help eliminate abrasion and burnishing while in transit. Similarly, grid components are individually wrapped and subsequently packaged in 6-sided cartons. All product cartons are palletized and protected with corner guarding. Over the years, ISI has successfully shipped millions of sq ft to projects throughout North America using this method.Do you have a question that should be added to this list? Please feel free to send questions, comments, and suggestions to Thanks in advance!

Frameworks Mineral Fiber Ceiling Panels – Physical Characteristics

Pattern: [F-22, F-24, Circle Coffer Frame, Square Coffer Frame]

Size: 23.75’’x 23.75’’

Thickness: 0.750’’

Edge: [Reveal 9/16’’, Reveal 15/16’’]

Finished Surface Color: Metallic, Custom Flat Latex Color #

Core Composition: Wet-felted mineral fiber

Recycled Content: 68%

Performance Criteria

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.50

Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC): 35

Flame Spread Classification: Class A Non-combustible


product features:

– Standard Size 2’x2′, 2’x4

– Reveal edge details

9/16″ or 15/16″ tee-bar grid systems

– Cuts easily with utility knife

– NRC .50 – .55 (varies depending on Insert)

– Recycled content 68%

Frameworks Spec