Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Interior Systems’ Designer Ceiling products?

Interior Systems has distributors all over the United States. Search for a location by finding a distributor near you.

How can I get an Interior Systems catalog?

Visit the Literature page to request a catalog.

How can I request specific Interior Systems samples?

Visit the Sample Requests page to request samples of our products.

How are Interior Systems Designer Ceilings installed?

Visit our Installation page to learn more.

What are Designer Ceilings?

Designer Ceilings are highly functional mineral fiber acoustical panels that work with a standard 2’ x 2’ drop ceiling grid system. These decorative panels are unlike your standard acoustical ceiling because Designer Ceilings offer endless possibilities and limitless varieties to tailor a ceiling unique to your project. Designer Ceilings are stunningly beautiful, acoustically valuable and surprisingly affordable.

What are Interior Systems’ ceilings made of? What is the recycled content?

Look of Metal, Frameworks Coffers, Slate, Contoura, Details, and Tongue & Groove brands are all made of mineral fiber acoustical ceiling materials. Details panels are composed of 82-88% recycled content, Frameworks acoustical coffers and Contoura carved panels are 53-63%, while Look of Metal, Slate, and Tongue & Groove are composed of up to 31% recycled content.